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Posted on September 13, 2004 3:45 PM in Browsers
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I decided to download Firefox 0.10RC today after reading a recent post on Asa Dotzler's blog soliciting testers and feedback. My overall impression of the changes since 0.9 is that not much has changed. However, using the application for only about a half hour was enough to unturn some bugs and annoyances. See my list of notes below:

  • » Why isn't the installation dialog centered?
  • » No options regarding where to (or not to) install shortcuts
  • » Clicking Read Mail (2 new) under Tools menu item takes me to Outlook (where there are no new messages?)
  • » Find As You Type toolbar and status bar items are very handy and well-implemented
  • » Popup notification bar is easy to turn off (which is important to me, since I just don't care about popups)
  • » No real visual changes to the dashboard in the default theme, other than a shinier Close Tab icon
  • » Maybe it's just me, but menus (View, Go, Bookmarks, etc.) seem to render slower
  • » Help, Promote Firefox goes to, which looks to be a blank page
  • » Going to Bookmarks Manager and clicking on New Bookmark and then Cancel gives a "bonk" noise like I did something wrong (seems to happen with other items too) and then creates a new item anyway (they better fix this one)
  • » Viewing an actual RSS feed, I am given no option to add it as a Live Bookmark
  • » Live Bookmark UI is completely buried – had to look in the Bookmark Manager to find any trace of it (in that dialog's File menu)
  • » Why aren't bookmarks organized alphabetically (with folders always above individual bookmarks) by default? The current organization (if you can call it that) is a mess and has been as long as I can remember

Looks like I'll need to write up a bug for the "bonk and ignore" issue has already been reported. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that things improve before the final release in October.


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