Global Inbox Problems in Thunderbird

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Posted on September 24, 2004 7:04 AM in Computers
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As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been dealing with some issues with Thunderbird 0.8. Both of the main issues I'm facing have to do with making the switch to a global inbox for all of my POP accounts. I'll mention the minor annoyance of the two first, since it demands less explanation.

Now that I have made the switch to a global inbox, I am no longer receiving consistent notification when new mail arrives (via the little pop-up notifier that I've come to know and love). What this means is, sometimes I can leave Thunderbird running in the background, and then if I switch to the app I notice that new mail has arrived and I was never notified. I now find myself bringing Thunderbird to the foreground all the time to see if new mail has arrived, having completely lost my trust in its notification ability. This is very unfortunate.

The more annoying problem of the two, though, is the pop-up alert I receive just about every time I start up the application. Now that several of my email accounts are trying to access the local inbox at the same time, I get an error message saying that the folder is being processed and that I need to wait (as if I tried to do anything in the first place). This proves to be a bigger pain in the butt than you might imagine, because at least one of my email accounts gets blocked out from writing to the local inbox, and I don't end up actually seeing the new mail from that account until later when I either get new messages manually or Thunderbird checks the server again.

At first I thought I might have to be the one to log a bug on the issue, since it seems that Thunderbird users are quite inadequate at this (they tend to stick to the forums). However, after finding two posts on the subject, I decided to search Bugzilla, and sure enough, I found what I was looking for.

Now it's just a matter of hoping that the bug gets fixed before Thunderbird 0.9 is released.


Arcanius on September 25, 2004 at 7:21 AM:

Hm, looks like it might be a while... As seen on Thunderbird's bugzilla:

Bernie said:

Anyway, this problem is a bit annoying and makes the Global Inbox feature -
something that has the potential to be very useful - not so useful.

------- Additional Comment #3 From David Bienvenu 2004-09-24 07:11 PDT [reply] -------

we do serialize the get new mails...I don't know why this error is happening.


Bernie Zimmermann on September 27, 2004 at 7:18 PM:

Arcanius, the fix actually got applied a lot faster than most other bugs I see, so I guess that is good news. According to Bugzilla the bug has been fixed on the Aviary branch.


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