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Posted on April 09, 2003 5:20 PM in Web Design
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There is an interesting discussion on-going over at MozillaZine's Phoenix Forum concerning Phoenix not supporting CSS-defined scrollbar colors. To see that this is a very pro-Gecko, anti-IE forum is easy upon first glance, but surprisingly there aren't a whole lot of great arguments for either side. Personally, I think that a browser is most useful when it attempts to suit as many people as it can in all possible situations. With the colored scrollbar issue, why not let Phoenix users choose whether or not they want to allow web designers to take control of the scrollbar or not? Then the browser can either honor the CSS code or not, depending on the preference. This way, designers can stick to habits they've learned while coding for IE and it's 90% browser market share, and users can have the ultimate say over how they want to view the web. I don't think anyone that is anti-anything should be forcing these types of decisions on the end user. Everyone has their own taste, afterall.

In other news you can't use, I'm itching to do some table-less CSS design, but unfortunately I don't have any reason to and I probably don't have the time either (but this has never stopped me before). Now that more and more sites are going the way of CSS and nixing the use of tables, I am dying to get experienced in the process so that it gets easier as time goes on. From what I've done so far I can see it is no simple task, thanks to the lack of standards support in today's browsers and some of the crazy ideas the W3C has come up with. However, there is no denying that it is the wave of the future in web design, and some of the things I've seen lately have been very, very pretty.


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