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Posted on November 21, 2004 8:27 PM in Blogging
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I've been so busy with work the past two weeks that my blogging has taken a serious hit. That combined with the fact that I can't seem to pull myself away from Halo 2 on Xbox Live for any good chunk of time means that I've had little time for anything else, let alone posting to my site.

Unfortunately, this lack of blogging has led to what seems to be a "blogging bottleneck." I'm the type of blogger that usually feeds off of things I read elsewhere for writing inspiration. When I've found the time to keep up on my blog subscriptions, I've stumbled upon many entries that I felt the desire to comment on. Luckily, Bloglines recently added a feature where you can keep an entry "new," so that it appears unread until you decide to stop holding onto it.

Because I don't anticipate having the time to devote individual blog entries to each one of those items anytime soon, I've decided to comment on them here in short form. Finally being able to mark those items as "read" will make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (the exact opposite of what I felt as I froze my butt off at the Seahawks game tonight). So here goes...

Earlier this month, Asa Dotzler asked, "will developers support [Firefox] as we work to make the Web a better place?" in response to an article he read at ZDNet. My quick and dirty answer is yes. Web developers have always, generally speaking, designed for the browser(s) of the day...simply because they have to in order to make everyone happy. If a lot more users are using Firefox, then developers will have to take that into account when choosing which browsers to support. The good news for the developers, though, is that this will make their job easier as opposed to situations in the past when supporting other browsers actually made things more difficult.

Asa also tried to explain why he thinks a lot of Internet Explorer users are downloading Firefox 1.0. He may be right, but from a personal perspective I just have to say that I typically use Internet Explorer when I want to run a download directly, as opposed to saving it to disk. Firefox generally makes it difficult to run an executable directly, more often than not forcing you to save your .exe instead of running it. This is great for security, but not so great for the hard drive space I am so anal about ;) If there are others out there like me, this most likely skews Asa's theory a bit.

Forever Geek makes a great point about "beta" websites. What's the deal? I agree that Google should get the most blame on this one. It's one big step backward toward those stupid "under construction" icons you used to see all over the Web back in the 90s.

They've also linked to a hilarious list of the top Firefox extensions that don't exist. Just in case you feel like helping out with "MajorityNow" or "DDDownload" they've also provided a link to a nice howto for writing Firefox extensions.

Okay, I'm now almost all caught up. There is one thing I want to blog about that will require its own individual entry (and possibly more). But more on that when the time comes. I'm off to resume my alter-ego, Master Chief.


Alistair Roche on November 21, 2004 at 9:06 PM: is an extension that allows you to open a file directly from the internet, and I found it rather useful. It fixes the problem mentioned in your post quite nicely, i believe..
- Alistair


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