Navigator's Ugly Step-Cousin

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"Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya."
Leonard Cohen / Hallelujah

Posted on November 30, 2004 12:01 PM in Browsers
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Well, the moment I feared has arrived – Netscape Navigator's ugly step-cousin has finally reared her head. Her name is "Netscape Browser" and boy is she ever ugly.

The new Netscape Browser has made its way into the wild for people who signed up to be testers, and people across the web are already responding. While some at Neowin think it's "butt ugly" (like me), there are of course those design illiterate folks who say "wow...not bad, in fact I like it!" Funny.

Then there are the confused, like Anton Philidor, who says the "war is now truly over, and peace reigns," apparently having missed the past few months of Firefox vs. Internet Explorer media coverage. He was promptly given a kick in the butt though, so that's good.

Thanks to screenshots from Henrik Gemal, we can see the grotesqueness firsthand. A quick look at the main user interface shows, among other things, a terrible anti-aliasing job around the upper edges of the browser and the ugly, tealish green color we've all come to expect from Netscape.

Some of the icon work is pretty abysmal, especially the Tab Browsing icon which makes it look like someone got a little trigger-happy with the blur tool in Photoshop. The Site Controls dialog looks pretty freakish, too, with yellow and red text in a sea-green UI.

In my opinion, the dashboard is way too cluttered and inconsistent. Nothing looks like any other app you'd typically find on Windows and the little icons displayed on individual tabs make absolutely no sense at all as far as intuitiveness goes.

All-in-all, I'd have to say that Netscape has surpassed my expectations ;)


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