A Standardized Web Makes No Sense?

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Posted on December 04, 2004 9:20 AM in Web Development
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While reading Scoble's blog today I ran across the following from a guy named Iggy Kin (emphasis mine):

I am sure lots of people have noticed this. It doesn't matter to me since I use both browsers and don't believe that a Standardized web makes any sense. I like Firefox for some features and IE for others. I think the decision of what to target is an ignorant decision. I think it's more important to deicide [sic] who to target and work on from there. That way you can create the optimal user experiences for your target market. Standardization like cross platform support addresses developer needs not user needs. That's why it doesn't make sense to me because it sacrifices practicality for convenience, and it's not even the end-users convenience we are talking about.

First off, what is this guy smoking? So what you use two different browsers...the reason you have to is because there is no standardized Web. The "end users" you talk about don't typically want to be switching back and forth between browsers. They want the Web to work for them no matter what browser they are using.

I don't know how you typically think of business, Iggy, but as far as I'm concerned most businesses want their target market to grow. In order to help that happen, you better be darn sure people outside of your target market can get in. It's a plain-and-simple fact that most users who come across a website that doesn't work in their browser will simply leave the site. They're not going to think, oh, I'll bet this works in that other browser I have sitting on my computer somewhere (mostly because a lot of them don't even have another browser on their computer somewhere).

Get a clue, Iggy. The standardized Web makes a lot of sense, and not just for developers. Most developers would love to still be writing tag soup – I promise you – but it just doesn't make sense in this new day and age of accessibility, bandwidth and market growth concerns.


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