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Posted on December 23, 2004 9:45 PM in Blathery
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For some reason or another I have been thinking a lot about names today. I think it's something you do when you find yourself closer to fatherhood than teenagerhood (new word – 10 bonus points). Anyway, I was thinking about names and guessing that there is probably someone (or perhaps many people) out there whose first name is "Santa." Sucks to be them, but then again I guess I'm not one to talk. Some might prefer Santa to Bernie. I happen to like Bernie, though, so there. Plus, my first name is actually Bernhard anyway. But enough of this tangent.

Imagine my surprise when, after having been thinking of names throughout the day, I noticed a new post by Google in my blog subscriptions called Modern advice for parents-to-be that is geared specifically toward the popularity of names. According to Hunter Walk, a Google employee, "239 girls named Unique were born in 2002." So surely there's gotta be some Santa's out there, right? Of course!

And then finally, while we're on the topic, I've noticed my name moving up in a Google search for bernie – I'm now on the 4th page, which is pretty impressive considering all the famous Bernies out there.


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