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Posted on April 20, 2003 1:09 AM in Web Design
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Why does the web have to be so square? Now that CSS is starting to take its toll on web designers everywhere (take that how you will), I've noticed a growing trend of "blockiness" in design. I mean, heck, look at this page. It's about as square as you can get. I think designers are starting to ask questions like "you mean I can develop a web page without tables and spacers and get cool-looking content all through simple CSS code?" and slowly throwing out the images and wild ideas that went hand-in-hand with the idea of using invisible spacers and tables to fine tune a design. I was a bit surprised to see that all the winners in the WThRemix contest had a similar, 3 column, very "square" look to them. None but Radu's grand-prize winning entry were even close to impressive to me. I don't know where the "squareness" came from – newspaper columns, the rectangular shape of the browser, the monitor maybe? – but I sure hope as more and more designers get their hands dirty with CSS that we start to see something different.


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