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Posted on January 02, 2005 9:15 PM in Sports
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The good news and the bad news are separated only by the length of an article. The good news comes at the top:

Playoffs: Seattle hosts St. Louis at Qwest Field on Saturday, January 8 at 1:30 pm.

And the bad news comes at the bottom:

Note: Shaun Alexander finishes 1-yard behind Curtis Martin for the NFL rushing title.

Today's win by the Seahawks was bittersweet in many ways. For one, we have to play our archrival, the St. Louis Rams, who have beaten us twice this season. And then, Shaun Alexander came 1 yard away from tieing Curtis Martin for the 2004-05 rushing title.

Perhaps the most bittersweet moment of the game was when Matt Hasselbeck ran a one-yard quarterback sneak to put the Hawks ahead, yet at the same time wipe out Shaun's chances at gaining the extra yard he needed to claim a share of the rushing title. I haven't ever seen Shaun go for more than a few minutes without a smile on his face – that is, until today.

After the game, when being interviewed by Tony Ventrella, Shaun said he was a little disappointed that he wasn't being "taken care of" at a time like that, and it really struck a fear in me that we won't see #37 back in blue and green next season.

Who knows, though. Maybe a visit to the Super Bowl would change all that. Unfortunately, right now it feels like the Hawks' chances of making it to Jacksonville are about as good as The Will getting renewed for a second season.


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