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Posted on April 22, 2003 4:21 PM in Browsers
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Call me crazy but for some reason I feel like we may be seeing a release of Internet Explorer 7 pretty soon. Call me even crazier, but I think it may be a pretty frickin' cool browser. Maybe there aren't a lot of people out there who think Microsoft would ever release a "cool" browser, but they'll at least admit that Microsoft's trademark move is finding good ideas, fusing them into their products and trying to make them better. Sometimes it doesn't always work, but that is their main motive. It's like the Japanese with automobiles. Take good ideas and make them better.

With Associated Press writers openly dissing IE for the Mac and with all the hype that's been associated with the "new" browsers (e.g. Mozilla, Safari and Opera) I am getting the feeling that Microsoft is readying a new release of IE. I could be way off, because you'd think the release would coincide with a major OS release. Since Windows Server 2003 is being released and there has been no talk of a new version of their browser, maybe we're a lot farther off than I am predicting. I just feel that IE has always been an early adopter of web standards, so it would make sense for them to catch up with CSS2 and maybe even some of the ideas laid out for CSS3, and at the same time implement features like pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing that are catching so many surfers' attention these days. Maybe you're not itching for a new Microsoft browser, but I honestly am. As long as they adopt the standards and can put out an even faster, stabler browser, I'm there. I'd love to go back to using just one browser again.


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