Is XML Getting Old?

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Posted on January 17, 2005 9:35 PM in XML
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Up until this week, I always considered XML as cutting-edge technology that still hadn't reached its peak in the technology world. As I've begun seeing XML used more and more in the workplace and being utilized more and more across the Web (most obviously with the rise of RSS and Atom), I kinda have to ask myself, is XML getting old? Afterall, Microsoft has now whole-heartedly adopted the technology for anything from their Office suite, to their 3D engine for Longhorn, Avalon.

Combine this with the fact that people are trying to find a binary solution for XML, mostly because textual XML has such potential for wasting space (and therefore bandwidth), and the notion that all technologies seem to rise and fall with the invention of smarter methodologies and tools, and it leaves me wondering just where XML is in its somewhat mysterious and undoubtedly intriguing lifespan.


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