How Ta-Da Lists Cleaned Up My Whiteboard

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Posted on January 26, 2005 1:42 AM in Miscellaneous
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If you've been keeping up with my B-Sides at all, you probably saw that I posted a link to a new service called Ta-Da Lists the other day.

In the office in our home, I have a small whiteboard about 8 feet away from where I sit now at my computer. On that whiteboard I frequently scribble down things that I need to remember to do – sometimes consisting of miscellaneous errands I need to run, other times television shows I don't want to forget to watch, and most often, Web- or blog-related "to-dos."

Thanks to Ta-Da Lists, my whiteboard is very white tonight, and no longer covered in the red, orange, blue, green and black lines of ink that it has grown so accustomed to.

Ta-Da Lists are based on a simple concept, really. You create different lists of things that need to be done, movies that need to be watched, pets that need to be fed, whatever. You then check the items off as you finish them. Combine that simple concept with a stunningly simplistic user interface and you've got yourself a Web-based service worth looking into.

Do your whiteboard or notepad or sticky note or shopping list or stressed out brain a favor and give Ta-Da Lists as look.


Patrick Callahan on June 13, 2005 at 12:38 PM:

Ok - you like your whiteboard - have you ever checked out the presentationMate? I am addicted - and I think it will keep not only your whiteboard clean - but the way you approach it (I have not lost a marker yet).

Let me know what you think,


ps - I hate spam.


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