Why I'm Looking Forward to Lightning

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Posted on February 08, 2005 8:44 PM in Computers
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Last month I talked a bit about Ta-Da Lists and how they will make my life a bit more organized. Before I even knew what Ta-Da Lists were, I learned that Mozilla was working on a new project called Lightning.

Lightning will take the organization of my life to a whole new level (at least, if what Mozilla is promising will be actualized). Why? Because events and reminders that are important will appear right alongside my email. I check my email all the time, so even when I'm not necessarily meaning to check my to-dos, I'll be notified of them while I'm downloading and reading my mail.

Even though I've touted the benefits of using Ta-Da Lists, I wouldn't for a second claim that the practice was without its weaknesses. If I have to complete Task A by the end of the night and I forget to login to my Ta-Da Lists account, I'm pretty much hosed. This is why Lightning will replace Ta-Da Lists as my primary calendar/to-do list, and why I am looking forward to Lightning.


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