Anti-Spam Measures Countered?

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Posted on February 23, 2005 12:21 AM in Blogging
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In the comments on Hats Off to the Haters, it appears that my anti-spam measures (which are similar to those employed by fellow blogger Ryan McElroy) have been countered. If so, that's kind of depressing because it may force me to implement the kind of measures I've touched upon in the past.

However, the fact that the first comment spam since implementing the new measures came in the post where I discuss their implementation leaves me a bit suspicious. It wouldn't be hard for some wise crack to come through and mimic the types of spam that are common in weblog comments these days. However, if I see an influx in spam over the next couple of weeks I won't have any choice but to take things to the next level.

I'll be talking more about comment spam very soon.


Ryan on February 23, 2005 at 9:47 AM:

I don't consider my system to have been overcome; although very occasionally, one slips through. I'm not sure how, or why when one does, more don't follow. But maybe once a month since I implemented my system, I get one. Don't give up hope yet! Once a month is surely a price worth paying to avoid implementing more heinous anti-spam implementations.


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