An Hour Lost

Album Cover: Black Holes and Revelations

"Come ride with me through the veins of history. I'll show you a god who falls asleep on the job."
Muse / Knights of Cydonia

Posted on April 03, 2005 3:22 AM in Sports
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Wow, it's already after 3? But it only feels like 2. The same number Illinois will feel like come Monday night.

Go 'heels!


ajay on April 05, 2005 at 7:07 AM:

Hello from a UK based basketball fanatic. Haven't watched the game yet but come on, Illini play total basketball.

British TV showed on tar heel game I think against G.Tech and I admit they whooped the bees but love the way Illini play - this team would do well in the NBA!!


Bernie Zimmermann on April 05, 2005 at 2:22 PM:

Maybe you should watch the game, ajay ;)


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