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Posted on May 08, 2003 10:48 AM in Browsers
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Interestingly enough, Mozilla is finally backing down from the use of the name "Firebird" for future releases of its browser. Looks like the version I'm running right now will become nothing more than a collector's item. An article over at C|Net News discusses the trend away from "Firebird" and the move to names more focused on the "Mozilla" brand. I personally think it's a smart move, as I always refer to the Mozilla browser as "Mozilla" anyway. The only reason I ever made the distinction of "Phoenix" was because it was a different flavor of the Mozilla browser. Now, since Mozilla is being converted to a more Phoenix-like build, returning to the use of "Mozilla" makes a lot of sense. Now if only every single browser's UA string didn't have the word "Mozilla" in it, the world would be an even better place! ;)


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