A Night with The Killers

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Posted on April 25, 2005 1:00 AM in Music
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My girlfriend and I drove into downtown to see The Killers tonight (no, I didn't get a ticket this time). Other than the surprisingly young, female crowd, which made me feel a little out of place, the show was great and they managed to make a small repertoire of material seem fresh and new. Their new song, "Stereo of Lies," sounds like it could be a hit on their next album.

Tegan and Sara were excellent as the opening act, too. If The Killers are coming to your town anytime soon, I highly recommend seeing them. Oh, and Bullz-Eye has a much more detailed review of a typical show on the current tour (though I think the one I saw tonight was just a tad better than the one described there).


Ugly Face on April 26, 2005 at 6:47 PM:

I saw the 'Killers' over a year ago, long before their album was even available. They opened for NY based 'StellaStarr'. It was a good show in a small seattle venue. They remind me very much of a pastel-yellow plastique lunchbox I used to have as a child... the neo-disco-wave-want-to-be-rock, but not. The real question is not whether this 'stereotyped' musical label is correct, but rather "Could I actually hyphenate to a great extent?" Despite my mainstream overtness, I would also recommend seeing 'VHS OR BETA', 'ELECTRIC SIX', and 'U.S.E.". And - for those that are more daring, try Josh Rouse, Kaki King, or Jackie Greene. Live of course!


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