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Posted on May 13, 2005 3:01 PM in Computers
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I've been involved with software development for quite a while now, and yet it wasn't until a little over a week ago that I first heard the term "ZBB." What is ZBB? ZBB stands for "Zero Bug Bounce" and couldn't be more eloquently explained than it is by Will Parker over in comments at Ben Goodger's blog:

As the project heads into the end game, it's time to decide which unfixed bugs will actually get fixed before the ship date. The PMs, assisted by Test and Dev, start postponing, closing or re-prioritizing bugs. Meanwhile, the standard for posting bugs goes up, to shut off the noise-level Pri 3s and 4s. At first, the triage is weekly, then daily, then twice a day. At some point, the feature's bug list hits what's called Zero Bug Bounce (AKA 'ZBB'). Zero active bugs and zero stale bugs at the end of the day for three or four days. That's usually the sign that the feature is shippable.

The great thing about knowledge is that it is available in endless supply.


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