IE Team Embarrassing Itself

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Posted on June 25, 2005 12:02 AM in Browsers
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While we're on the subject of laughing at the Internet Explorer team, I think I should mention that I got a kick out of Asa Dotzler's recent outright bashing of the new tabbed browsing feature in IE's MSN toolbar. All I have to add is, come on Microsoft, everyone knows you like to steal other people's ideas and make them your own, so do the "right" thing and steal Firefox's implementation so the pour souls that are still using your browser will at least have a better user experience.

And just to go in for the kill, I also loved the sarcasm in Asa's latest post about IE7's support for RSS:

It's so innovative that it even does RSS auto-discovery and "shows an RSS icon right in the chrome."

I can't wait to see the beta later this summer.


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