Another Reason to Hate AOL

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Posted on July 05, 2005 7:21 PM in Browsers
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When I heard today that AOL Music was offering video downloads of Live 8 performances as part of their exclusive partnership, I immediately checked out the site to try and catch part of Coldplay's performance.

Imagine my frustration when after finding the full list of performances and then the list of performances available by Coldplay I got the following message in the video player popup window:

We're sorry, this feature is unsupported in Firefox.

Get with the program, people. As if I didn't hate AOL enough already.


T on June 20, 2006 at 4:08 PM:

Well I guess you could say that AOL can say and do what they wont now! Right! WRONG! With over 21 million subscribers they simply just push all issues off! I only personally used them 1 time for service and I canceled it after the trial! Yes I lost a months worth of $$$$ but U should read the TOS! Also, Not that I am defending them in any way, this is a very hard business! I should know! I own my own ISp services and theres never a dull moment here this is for sure! But If AOL cant give what they say and follow thru with it then you should certianly cancel your services with them and explore a local or smaller ISP who will certianly give you a lot better service and not to mention a better product!

So My advice to You is to Cancel your service with them and Find Someone who will care about you and your internet services

Just My Personal THouhgt!


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