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Posted on July 18, 2005 10:36 PM in Computers
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If you'll remember, about a month ago I talked about an idea I had for developing a web application based on an API like the Google Maps API that would make hunting for houses easier:

After playing around with Google seems to me that with a little bit of...creativity, someone could create a killer web application that would allow potential home buyers or leasers to view available homes on a map.

Well, it turns out that Paul Rademacher has done just that. In an article over at today, Paul's HousingMaps service is given as an example of the many map-based web applications that are popping up all over the web as of late.

Paul does pretty much exactly what I had envisioned. He takes housing listings from Craigslist and projects them onto the same map format you're used to from Google Maps to give house hunters a visual look at where houses are available. Among many other cool uses, I believe the ability to plan a day of "house drive-bys" is enough to take this type of application a few steps beyond anything previously available.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of really cool map-based web applications, take a look at Seattle Bus Monster. I spotted that one thanks to Scoble, and even though he and I are local to the Seattle area, I believe anybody can appreciate the usefulness of such a service.

Convenience and efficiency make one heck of a lethal combo.


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