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Posted on September 18, 2005 12:01 PM in Elsewhere
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Asa Dotzler ripped Nathan Weinberg a new one yesterday for basically getting on his knees for what Asa appropriately calls "Microsoft's FUD engine."

My question is, does anyone actually read articles that start out with something like "On eof the biggest moves involves search...?"

When I come across an article with a mistake like that in its opening sentence, its credibility immediately sinks to a level slightly lower than a junior high school's online newspaper and I usually just leave the page.

I am constantly awestruck by how poorly online articles are written, even at sites like where I'd expect nothing but professionalism. Afterall, these people are getting paid to write...the least they can do is follow the accepted rules of writing...grammar, spelling and all. Or, if you're not intelligent enough to do so, go become an anchor for Fox News Channel or something. That way if I do run across your journalism I'll at least be in a state of mind where I'm expecting a little entertainment anyway.

Okay, time to get off the soapbox and back to adding a few more thousand search engines to my web browser.


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