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Posted on June 02, 2003 10:33 PM in Web Design
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Well, I was told by my girlfriend tonight that my blog is "boring." I guess all the CSS and browser talk doesn't quite fit her interests, but that's probably for the best. She'll be pleased to see, though, that I've decided to migrate what would have been my separate posts at finalstar.com over to this blog, so as to add a little variety over here. It doesn't make much sense to be maintaining two weblogs anyway, even if the other one was a little prettier. That's why you'll notice posts about names and strange, meaningless research (see last post) lingering among my usual blathery. Hopefully it makes things a tad bit more interesting around here in case those who could care less about box models happen to drop by.

For those who dig box models, though (you know who you are), I did a little work with some of the box model tweaking I've mentioned in the past tonight. I was working on a redesign of my Coldplay site (which isn't up yet) and experimenting with the W3C and Mozilla 'border-box' setting. Thanks to those, I was able to achieve similar DIVs in IE, Moz and Opera. It makes dealing with widths, padding and margins a heck of a lot easier, and I can no longer attribute my headaches to CSS coding ;)

The redesign of my Coldplay site will go live sometime after I move this domain over to a new host. The host I'm currently with runs on a Windows 2000 server, and while it allows me to work with ASP and Coldfusion in addition to PHP, it is much slower and much less efficient (I'm forced to use Access as my database backend) than the Linux servers I'm used to working with. For this reason I will be translating any ASP and ColdFusion pages to PHP and migrating my Access data to MySQL or PostgreSQL so I can make the switch to a much faster and more reliable host, Hard Hat Hosting. Hopefully this will all be done (seamlessly) within the next month.


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