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Posted on October 01, 2005 11:20 PM in Sports
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Those of us of the purple and gold persuasion have had to swallow our pride the past couple of years and shamefully accept the fact that our football team isn't quite what it used to be. Fair enough.

However, tonight I decided to watch my team play anyway since I really do bleed purple and I'm not one of those bandwagon types of folk. After what happened tonight, though, that may have to change.

I'm not so disappointed in the fact that the Huskies lost as I am in the fact that their near-win will have no meaning whatsoever. They outplayed the Bruins the whole game, their running game came out of nowhere, and Isaiah Stanback, a player I had completely written off last season, showed the most poise I have seen in a Husky quarterback in quite some time.

The whole game, as they continued to shut down Maurice Drew (serves him right for what he did to us last season) and control the clock, I kept thinking to myself, "wow, we're going to beat this 20th ranked team and show that we've actually got a pulse." Now, after giving the lead away in the final three minutes of the game, UCLA will look like a 20th ranked team (or better) in the eyes of just about everyone who sees the box score tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the Huskies will be seen as the 1-4 team that they are on paper, rather than the unlucky, young, but inspired team that they proved to be in tonight's matchup.

Given that UCLA basically came away with a win I don't quite think they deserved (keep in mind that I'm very unhappy and probably very biased right now, but that is what football does to you), I debated calling this post "Another Reason to Hate UCLA." However, it looks like I already did that last year.

But because I'm a glass-is-half-full kinda guy, I'll leave with two words...

Go Seahawks!


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