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Posted on October 08, 2005 1:07 PM in Blogging
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Google announced their new Google Reader service on Thursday, but I found out about it via Robert Scoble on Friday. Much like Scoble, I don't anticipate switching news readers anytime soon.

Whereas Gmail blew me away when I first used it and immediately convinced me I'd never need my Hotmail account again, Google Reader doesn't quite have that effect at all. The interface seems interesting and unique, for sure, but it's almost so interesting and unique that I can't quite bridge the difference between the Bloglines interface and Google Reader's.

I think another major problem is that I am too anal about organization to put up with a laundry list of new feed entries in the default list. I'm used to going through my hierarchical breakdown when reading through my feeds. First I read through the latest browser-related entries, then technology-related, then design-related, etc. To be fair, I'm positive this is possible in Google Reader, but there was enough about my first impression to keep me from making the move from Bloglines just yet. I never say never, though.

Just so you don't get overwhelmed by my bias, here are some links to other peoples' thoughts on Google Reader:

Okay, so maybe you're still a little biased, but I didn't intend that. Those links come from Google's own Blog Search results for 'google reader'.

So anyway, what do you think?


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