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Posted on October 10, 2005 12:07 AM in Television
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Today would arguably have to be the best day of my weekend, simply because I didn't really do anything but take care of errands yesterday. I did download Depeche Mode's new album, "Playing the Angel," on Friday, though, and while it doesn't quite live up to the expecations set forth by their first single, "Precious," it's still a pretty decent release.

I finally had a chance to sleep in today after not having had that luxury for quite some time. I woke up to a partially TiVo'd recording of the Seahawks game and was pleased to watch them get the upperhand in what is proving to be their only real rivalry. It was hard watching so many players get injured, especially knowing that Engram and D-Jack were already sitting out, but Hasselbeck, Shaun and Joe Jurevicius all stepped up like I hoped they would and put us back at the top of the NFC West.

After that I watched, albeit hesitantly, The Office Special on DVD. I say "hesitantly" because it was hard to accept that it would be the last material of the brilliant British comedy that I would ever see for the first time. If you are a fan of the American version of "The Office" and haven't yet seen the British version, you are watching the wrong show. Full stop.

I finished off my Sunday by watching another brilliant, captivating episode of HBO's newest drama, Rome. As crazy as it is for me to say (or blog, I guess) this, I think HBO has created in "Rome" and Deadwood two shows that will suffice in the post Six Feet Under and post The Sopranos world.


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