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Posted on November 05, 2005 1:47 PM in Web Design
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I made a couple minor adjustments to my blog this afternoon. Because of my slight case of OCD, seeing the "Recent Posts," "Recent Comments" and "B-Sides" mashed up against one another in my subheader has been bothering me quite a bit lately. I've also missed seeing numerous blog posts on my main page like my last design had.

So today I've removed the "Recent Posts" section from my subheader and have started displaying the five most recent posts on the main page. Subsequently, I've cleared up enough space in the subheader to give the "Recent Comments" and "B-Sides" sections some breathing room (which also keeps the subheader from hogging precious vertical space in the first fold) and I've solved another problem that haunted my old design.

In the old design, whenever the month changed and I hadn't posted anything yet, you'd see a message saying something along the lines of "Bernie hasn't posted anything this month." That was pretty lame, so now because I am indifferent of the month (unless you're browsing my archives by date, of course) you'll see the five most recent posts no matter what day it might be. Removing links to the most recent posts didn't take away any usability in terms of clicks, because the most recent posts are still only one click away (via clicking the "Blog" link in the header) and visitors now have access to five instead of the three that appeared previously.

Depending on how aggressive your web browser is, you may need to hit refresh/reload to see the subheader changes.

Hopefully I'll find some time to make some other minor modifications in the near future. There are still, without a doubt, improvements to be made.


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