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Posted on November 07, 2005 12:44 AM in Sports
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A few weeks ago I wrote about Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin and how he had been injured in a brawl outside a Seattle night club. Well, since then, little has been said about his condition or how his recovery has been progressing. The only thing I had really heard was that he would not be returning for the remainder of this football season, but that he would continue to get paid his expected salary for the year.

Well, imagine my girlfriend's and my surprise yesterday when Ken Hamlin himself walked right past us in the Macy's department store at Bellevue Square.

Because I've done such an excellent job turning my girlfriend into a die hard Seahawks fan (you can't really blame her for not being a football fan before — she's from Arizona), she actually spotted Ken walking by when I probably wouldn't have. She then followed him into Champs Sports and asked if he'd be okay with her getting a picture with him. He was very cordial and agreed, and after explaining that he was feeling okay but just trying to stay away from football for a while, he posed for the picture and we went on our way.

As cool as it was to meet one of our favorite Seahawks in person, get a picture with him and shake his hand, it was even cooler to see a player we had been worried about walking around on his own and going about his daily routine. Hopefully for Ken's sake and ours, we'll be seeing him back in a Seahawks uniform next fall.


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