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"Words are a sawed-off shotgun."
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Posted on November 09, 2005 11:49 PM in Elsewhere
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After my last few blog entries I'm beginning to think I'm a little crabby. I think it may be time for a little optimism here. So I'll head on over the Blogger home page and see if I can't find some random optimism springing from the ever-changing "Explore blogs" section...

Wherever she is in the world (my guess is China), Christina is enjoying democracy on a small scale:

The spaghetti top is gonna stay in our society. Period. As long as appropriate attire is donned on each occasion, why should anyone dictate what we're gonna wear?

Jess (or Topaz) seems to be one of those "glass is half full" types and recently took a break from studying to appreciate her friends.

Even though she gets mad sometimes, Jennifer (or is it Natalie?) appreciates the fact that everybody loves her panda teddy bear.

Even though he can't quite vote yet, this little guy is just happy to get a sticker.

I can't say for sure, but I'd say Sophia is in love.

And finally, Xandira loves school. See, that's a level of optimism that I just can't bring ;)

On a bit of a side note, it's interesting to see trends among the many random strings of blogs that Blogger has put together for everyone's perusal. On at least two occasions I noted mention of Kate Bush's album, Aerial.

I also noticed that people tend to blog about the weather a lot. Personally, in real life conversations I tend to only bring up the weather as a last resort...or as a way to break uncomfortable silence. I wonder if what I've been seeing online tonight is just a digital representation of that same mundane attempt at "breaking the silence."


Xandira on November 14, 2005 at 12:26 AM:

oooh! and here I am wondering if anyone would EVER actually read my blog :-)
amazing what you find googleing your self.....


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