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Posted on November 13, 2005 11:22 AM in XML
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Based on the fact that Atom 0.3 support has been deprecated at, the fact that Atom 1.0 is close to becoming an IETF Internet Standard, and the fact that, in my experience, RSS (or "Really Simple Syndication") really lives up to its name, I have decided to move my site's "web feeds" to the RSS format and move away from the old Atom 0.3 format I was using before.

What does this site mean to visitors and subscribers? Nothing, I hope. I've already moved my B-Sides feed to the new format and verified that my somewhat vain subscription in Bloglines updated without a hitch. Subscribers may see recent read entries marked as unread that haven't been updated, but that is just a side-effect of making the switch to a new feed format.

Another issue I've attempted to resolve while making this switch is the issue with relative links in Bloglines. Sometimes Bloglines interprets relative links in my feed as links to the Bloglines server instead of links to, so I've added some logic to my feed generator to turn relative links into absolute links before writing the new feed file. Hopefully that will resolve the issue. I should thank Chris Heazlewood while I'm on the subject, since he sent the idea to me via email a couple weeks ago. So thanks, Chris.

Hopefully no one notices any issues with the change, but if you do, please be sure to let me know. Other than that, keep on enjoying the feeds!


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