Good and Bad Riddance

Album Cover: Into the Wild

"I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me...guaranteed."
Eddie Vedder / Guaranteed

Posted on June 20, 2003 11:28 AM in Miscellaneous
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Well, here I am. The domain transfer has finally gone through and I am living the good life, seeing that my sites are loading light-years faster than they used to. Good riddance, ReadyHosting.

Besides the server switch, though, quite a bit has happened to me since I last posted here. This past weekend I found out that not only did the rear left tire on my Integra need to be replaced, but that the cause was the rim beneath it, so it now needs to be replaced, too. And, of course, the TSW Prism rims I have are now a discontinued model, which means I have to shell out around $350 to get new rims.

The fun doesn't stop there, my friends. Saturday night, after receiving the good news and arriving back home, some low-life scumbag decided to break into my car, stealing roughly $800 worth of stereo equipment. It would have been $950 if some other low-life scumbag hadn't stolen my subwoofer a few months earlier. This new idiot got away with my 12 favorite CDs as well...and that almost stings more than the rest. We're talking Pearl Jam's 'Vitalogy,' Coldplay's 'A Rush of Blood to the Head,' and Radiohead's 'OK Computer' here people...this is like my worst nightmare come true.

If I utter a few "serenity now"s, though, I find myself doing okay and moving on. Getting my site up on the new server has made me at least a little happier, so that is good. In fact, my Coldplay redesign turned out to be one of my coolest designs yet, so that was worth smiling about as well.


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