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Posted on November 24, 2005 12:02 AM in Browsers
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When I read about Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera getting together to talk about better website identification earlier this week, I found it particularly interesting that they had decided to standardize on a green-colored address bar for secure, trusted websites. Back when Firefox started using yellow to signify trusted sites in Firefox 1.0, I thought it looked a tad off and didn't quite match my idea of "secure." So I took the liberty of changing the color to green in my GrayModern theme.

Now, over a year later, when I see that these web browser powerhouses are all going to be moving to green, I can't help but wonder if any of the masterminds ever came across the green address bar when using GrayModern in Firefox. Either that or they just came to their senses and realized that green is the more logical color. Then again, I'm sure not everyone agrees and abides by the same color rules.

To learn more about the newly proposed standards for webside identification, head on over to IEBlog.


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