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Posted on January 21, 2003 10:37 AM in Browsers
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I am completely fed up with web browsers. Several times this weekend I was at a point where I was seriously considering tossing my monitor out the window. Cascading Style Sheets are an amazing thing, in theory, but when you can't successfully apply them what good are they? Lately I have been coding to standards, both in strict 4.01 HTML and valid CSS, but it has led to nothing but stress and headaches. IE does one thing...Mozilla does another. Neither doing what they should, and it gets so annoying. I don't really care about any other browsers, to be honest. I think Netscape should be permanently laid to rest. It is always fun, though, to take a look at a page you've designed in valid HTML and with extensive CSS, only to find that Netscape Navigator 4.8 has no idea what to do with your code!

The bottom line is, designs suffer because of browsers. If you really want everyone to get a good idea of what your design looks like (or was intended to look like), you've either got to use old-school code without CSS, or just create an image (I can't believe those words came off my fingertips – hopefully no amateur web developers are reading this). We need a standards compliant web browser desperately. Until we get one, plan on more stress and headaches when trying to be a good developer.


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