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Posted on June 30, 2003 5:09 PM in Computers
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Nothing's ever easy, is it? I think I even wrote half a song about it once. As you might have read, based on previous posts this month, I merrily made my way onto a new web server over the past few weeks. Other than the fact that I'm finding out just how expensive bandwidth can get when you actually have to pay for it, the switch has been nothing but positive. It's the stuff in the rearview mirror that is driving me crazy.

I've been trying to communicate with my old host, ReadyHosting, concerning using a different domain name on that account than the one it is setup for (this domain). Since pleasureunit.com is now hosted by Hard Hat Hosting, I've got about a gig of data sitting over on ReadyHosting's server that can't be accessed via the web. No IP access, no temporary subdomain access...nothing. So I figure I can point another domain I own at their name servers, send in a request for them to switch a few settings here and there, and be back up and running on that end. Well, I was wrong.

One of their support specialists, or what I prefer to call "slowpokes who wait at least 48 hours between responses," told me that in order to use a different domain on my account, I need to cancel my current account with them, signup for a new one using the new domain name, and re-upload the gig of data that currently already resides on one of their servers. Okay, this sucks...but, if I could just FTP in via SSH and transfer what I currently have hosted on this new server to the new account I have no choice but to sign up for, all might turn out okay. But...you guessed it, for some reason their stupid NT servers won't let me FTP in...great.

Why not just leave them for good, you are probably asking? Well, because although their servers are slow as honey flowing uphill, they place no restrictions on bandwidth...which is a very nice thing all other things considered. So, the current plan is to call in (probably waiting about 45 minutes to an hour on hold) and figure out why they are too lazy to swap a few settings around on their end so I don't have to go through the trouble of uploading a gig of data using WS_FTP, a program which seems to lose its connection every 5 files or so.

So there I am...stuck between a rock and a hard place and hoping that through some crazy twist of fate things will work out for me in the end.


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