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Posted on July 09, 2003 8:39 PM in Browsers
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I'm really excited to see how things pan out for the Mozilla project now that they've released version 1.4 and can set their sights on the move toward modularization. I got hooked on Firebird for quite a while there (while it was still known as "Phoenix"), so I can't wait to see how exactly they're going to merge the two.

The one thing that I really hope doesn't get lost in the translation is the GrayModern theme. I always thought the normal Modern theme was cool, but it seemed to clash too much with the normal color of my Windows applications and toolbars...so when I saw a gray version I fell in love. I've been using it with Mozilla ever since, but they've yet to port it over to Firebird as far as I can tell.

The whole idea of modularization is a great one, because it allows users like me, who are picky about what they want to install and what they'd prefer to leave out, to have some say in the way the application works for them. For instance, every time I download a new version of Mozilla I choose the "Browser Only" option because I don't need the mail client. I've been using Outlook Express for so long that I'm kinda stuck in it. I did some looking into moving OE data to Mozilla Mail...but that is another post for another day...

However, even just choosing "Browser Only" I get Composer thrown into the mix, which takes up space on my computer, increases the download time, and most importantly, never gets used. Now I'll be able to say, "I want the browser, mail (if I end up going that route), Checky, and maybe even the Web Developer extension." That's how I envision it working, at least, based on some of the things I've read about Mozilla's future.

As I said, it will be very exciting to see how things pan out. I feel the day approaching that I finally can answer "Yes" to the question, "Mozilla is not currently set as your default browser, would you like it to be?"


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