iTunes a Web Browser?

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Posted on February 25, 2006 11:46 PM in Browsers
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Over at Digg they're talking about how iTunes is taking steps toward becoming a web browser. Well, you know that caught my attention.

Why on earth would anyone suggest that iTunes should become a full-fledged web browser? Not only is it ridiculously clunky (at least on Windows), but let's keep in mind that the download (and every subsequent software update) is in the neighborhood of 30 megs. Huh? I bet even Internet Explorer 7 won't be that big.

Even if iTunes weren't so bloated, it doesn't belong in the browser space. Apple's already got Safari, Camino and Firefox anyway, and there's just no way iTunes can compete with any of the offerings on Windows and Linux.

I'm not sure why I'm even posting about it, 'cause it just seems too ludicrous. Even when I am flirting with the idea of actually paying for music online, I dread having to launch iTunes. If only iTunes was a web app that I could use in my browser of choice.


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