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Posted on March 26, 2006 10:26 AM in Blogging
Warning: This blog entry was written two or more years ago. Therefore, it may contain broken links, out-dated or misleading content, or information that is just plain wrong. Please read on with caution.

You might be reading a spec-writer's blog when you read (but don't necessarily understand) things like:

Every variable declaration (e.g., as global variable or a variable bound by let, for, some, or every) has an optional "as Type" clause that allows a query writer to assert that the inferred type of the result of the expression that is bound to the variable has to be a subtype of the asserted (or using our earlier terminology: required) type. If no type assertion is being made, the variable's type will be the same as the inferred type.


Finally, the validate expression (XQuery only) will retype whole subtrees according to their validation semantics. Note that as part of the last call feedback, element construction does not perform implicit validation anymore but provides the option between untyping and preserving the types of contained nodes (but not atomic values). Also, validation got simplified by removing the schema context specification.

And I thought my blog was a bit dry.


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