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Posted on July 15, 2003 11:24 AM in Web Design
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The Mozilla Organization has redesigned their website. It looks very professional and up-to-date with modern web technologies, as opposed to the lackluster, Times New Roman-laden design they had before. I was hoping all the sublevel pages would follow the design as well, but it looks like those changes are still in the making.

One thing I did find a bit surprising was that their site doesn't validate. Considering they are so adamant about CSS support and web standards, you'd think they'd go a bit out of their way to write compliant code, kinda like Opera has. Especially since their site layout has that XHTML/CSS type feel to it. But then again, at least a validation attempt doesn't cause a "Fatal Error" like Microsoft's IE site does. I've never even seen that before!

Anyway, kudos to the Mozilla folks for stepping out of the mid-90s in the design department.


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