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Posted on July 24, 2003 6:32 PM in Sports
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So, turns out I'm an idiot and the Page Source "bug" I wrote about in my last entry wasn't a bug at all. Page Source just behaves differently than I expected. Apparently the window remembers its last state, so if you ever maximize it (like I must have at some point) it will be maximized from then on out unless you change it. I'm actually still happy I submitted the bug, though, because while doing so I saw that there are a bunch of cool feature requests in queue for Page Source. It should become a very useful tool as time goes on.

Aside from the Mozilla universe, I read an article a couple days ago over at CNN that seemed very timely to me. I had recently been pondering, pretty much out of nowhere, what Ken Griffey Jr. was up to these days and wondering what his Upper Deck rookie card is selling for (since I have one that I've been holding on to). So then I stumble upon this article over at that suggests Junior should return to Seattle if he wants to revive his career.

While there are certain deserters *cough*A-Rod*cough* that I'd prefer never come back, I would definitely be happy to see Ken Griffey Jr. back in Seattle. He is and always has been my favorite baseball player. I kinda lost track of him once he moved away to Cinci, but now that notable writers are suggesting he come back to Seattle, it almost feels like it's a possibility. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.


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