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Posted on August 05, 2003 1:11 AM in Computers
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I found myself immersed deeper into the abyss of PHP editing and Secure File Transferring software tonight than I ever cared to be. The whole immersion stemmed from some random newline characters that were appearing in my PHP files after downloading them through my usual SFTP program (to remain unnamed). Turns out all it took was a reinstall to get things working as expected (I have no idea why), but I didn't find this out until about 3 hours later.

During those 3 hours, I hunted desperately for a good PHP editor to replace my current editor, EditPad Lite, as I thought it was to blame. I don't know why I'd come to such a conclusion when I have been a die hard user of the editor for probably two years now, but I did. My hunt for a good PHP editor only showed me that there really isn't one. The best one I found was called Dev-PHP, but even it felt unstable and lacked a lot of the features I'd expect a good PHP editor to have. For anyone who might be looking for a laundry list of PHP editors to choose from, though, there's a pretty decent one called Keith's PHP Editors.

It wasn't long until I decided that I wasn't going to beat EditPad Lite, and I started my foray into the land of SSH software (again to try and correct the newline problem I was seeing). Use of Putty proved impressive, that is, if I was looking for a stricly command-line-driven interface. I'm not real big on the command line when it can be avoided, though, so it was back to the drawing board. I found what easily could have been a backup to my current app when I gave WinSCP a try, but it, much like Dev-PHP, felt a little unstable. Unstable apps always make me a little queasy, so here I am back where I started...using trusty ol' EditPad Lite and the SSH app to remain nameless.


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