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Posted on January 21, 2003 11:17 AM in Browsers
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You may remember the article I posted about called "Apple Snub Stings Mozilla." Well, apparently a few of the developers and fellow bloggers that were mentioned in the article have responded. I'd recommend reading Mike Shaver's and Chris Blizzard's responses. My favorite line from Chris' response (see Jan. 14)? "We're not your mother's Pinto anymore." My mom had a Pinto so this really hits home! ;)

Based on my last post, maybe it is only fair that I include an opinion from the other side of the dilemma, the opinion of someone who actually has to develop the browser that deals with the web standards that have been created. The following comes from Apple's Safari Web Browser's lead developer, Dave Hyatt:

"Sometimes it's hard being a browser implementor, because these standards are constantly evolving, the language is changing from version to version, and you can't just stare at an older specification and know reliably what you're supposed to do. Add to that all the behavior that is still under debate or under-specified (such as z-index and clipping behavior), and it can just make you want to beat your head against your keyboard in frustration."


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