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Posted on July 15, 2006 11:16 AM in Web Development
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When I came across Bye Bye Embed today, I started to get a little upset, thinking that I was about to witness a site that a lot of people pay attention to stealing the thunder from a site that not so many people pay attention to (my own).

Bye Bye Embed is introduced with (emphasis mine):

In the age of Google Video and YouTube, can you embed QuickTime video reliably across browsers without using the invalid EMBED element? Building on the pioneering work of Drew McLellan, Ian Hickson, and Lachlan Hunt, best-selling author Elizabeth Castro sets out to embed without EMBED.

I immediately frowned thinking that McLellan, Hickson and co. were about to take credit for (among other things, of course) detailing how to embed YouTube videos on your site and still retain standards compliance. Sound familiar?

I breathed a sigh of relief, having read the entire article. Not only do they try to cover too much, in my opinion, but in doing so they make understanding the problem and solution unnecessarily difficult. Afterall, who's embedding Quicktime or WMP videos in their websites these days?

I think I can still confidently say that if you're looking for information on embedding YouTube videos in a standards compliant website, this D-List blogger has just the information you need.


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