How to Get the Google Juice - Part 3

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Posted on August 15, 2006 9:14 PM in Blogging
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It's been a few months since I posted anything about improving the "Google Juice" of your website or blog. It may be another few months before I come up with another good list of my own observations, but that doesn't mean I can't serve up some nuggets of knowledge from other places around the web.

Over a year ago, Robert Scoble posted a link to what he called "yet another search engine optimization article." That article was (and still is) titled Great Site Ranking in Google: The Secret's Out. It contains some juicy tidbits from Google's patent filings that uncover some of the mystery behind how they rank websites. For instance:

  • The longer you registered your domain for, the more seriously Google may take your site and its content.
  • If your incoming links are slow and steady, Google will probably take your site more seriously than if you get a whole buttload of incoming links all at once.
  • The longer visitors tend to stay at your site, the more seriously Google may take your site and its content.

Another decent resource came to me via Digg tonight: Optimizing your blog for search engines. That article has some other great tips that probably apply to a wider base of search engines, and not just Google:

  • Webmasters (yes, I said it) should strive to include words in their URIs as opposed to numbers whenever possible (oops).
  • Page titles should be unique and applicable to the content of the blog post or page content.
  • Ping the blog search engines whenever possible.

These are all good tips and can definitely help improve your site's Google Juice, so I'd highly recommend incorporating at least some of them into your current site or blog. That is, if you're interested in bringing in more readers.

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