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Posted on August 29, 2006 3:11 PM in Sports
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There's an interesting article over at Blogcritics.org that, while breaking down the football teams in the Pac-10 this year, provides an interesting theory as to why the University of Washington football team basically fell off the map:

There are a lot of theories floating around out there about scandals and coaching changes and a variety of other possibilities, but the simple fact is that Pete Carroll arrived at USC. You see, for years the Huskies were living off of players from Southern California (seriously, look up almost any UW star from the 90's - I promise that over three-quarters of them were from the L.A. area) until Carroll came to town and started winning those recruits back to USC.

Definitely an interesting take. I know I was always a little surprised at how many of my favorite Huskies had come from southern California.

However, my take is that, just like in college basketball, it comes down to a mixture of fanfare and winning percentages. When your team is winning and has a tradition like Washington's, it's easier to recruit, even from way down in California. However, when the hint of scandal arises, you lose a popular coach (to some, anyway) and things start to go sour, it's going to be easier for other schools, especially the in-state ones, to recruit the top players.

I just hope things improve for my dawgs soon. I miss the excitement of the one-two punch of a Husky win on Saturday followed by a Seahawks win on Sunday.


Ryan on August 29, 2006 at 9:49 PM:

We may not agree on coaches, but we certainly can agree on the hope that UW football regains its glory. Go Dawgs!


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