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Posted on September 02, 2006 7:17 PM in Blogging
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While I'm still on the subject of, I should point out that I've dumped a whole bunch of links into my account today.

I've been a Bloglines user and evangelist for quite a while now, but after reading the following in the Bloglines News feed a couple weeks ago, I realized I can no longer trust Bloglines to retain any kind of history for me:

Bloglines recently experienced software difficulties that affect a small number of members who use some of our advanced features. For example, you may have saved some articles by clicking on "Keep as New" and found that it doesn’t link back to the saved posts. We have isolated the issue in a system that manages the data for Bloglines blogs and clippings (resulting in the interruption of those features as well for a few users) and our engineers are working to resolve this problem.

The unfortunate truth is, I happen to be part of that "small number of members." I have relied on the "Keep as New" feature ever since it was called "Save," over two years ago. And keep in mind that this isn't the first time Bloglines has let me down with this feature. My patience has finally run out, so I've moved all the links I had asked Bloglines to keep as new over to in hopes that my data will be safer there.

What makes things worse is the side pane in Bloglines reminds me of all the "kept as new" posts they lost. Next to Digg I see (98), which reminds me that 98 entries I had asked Bloglines to hold on to for me are gone and may never come back.

I understand that Bloglines is growing and even the best companies have bad days, but dataloss is a bad thing. It hurts trust, and trust is a hard thing to regain on the web. At least my trust is.


Ian Clifton on September 05, 2006 at 11:51 AM:

It can be pretty hard to look on the bright side of things in cases like this. If that had been your only problem with Bloglines, I would have suggested toughing it out, but multiple issues kills my faith in something too.

Nowadays, data redundancy is mandatory. It's amazing that a lot of companies still haven't figured that out. Even with all of Dreamhost's problems, they managed to avoid data loss. Beside that, it still amazes me that companies don't use encryption for secure data. For instance, I was one of the 26.5 million veterans whose records were on the stolen laptop. It didn't make me mad that the laptop was stolen, crap happens, but everything else bothered me: none of the data was encrypted, the data was all on a single drive, an individual could actually check out that many records at once, etc. How many red flags does it take? And then a few weeks ago a desktop computer was taken with records on it, again, not encrypted...

I've played around with delicious a bit, but I really ought to make better use of it. I tend to just memorize every URL and when I forget a URL, I probably don't remember forgetting it so I never know I missed anything ;)


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