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Posted on September 10, 2006 8:12 AM in Sports
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I was very proud of the way my Washington Huskies played against Oklahoma yesterday...especially in the first half. Kenny James' 54 yard run into the endzone on the very first offensive play, sweet spin move included, reminded me of the legendary Husky runningbacks of old. The Huskies' other runningback, Louis Rankin, piled on 112 yards on the day, adding to the team's total of 204 rushing yards (against a team that was ranked 4th in the nation last year in rush defense, mind you).

Although there were obvious weak points and we didn't win the game, I don't think there is anyone that predicted UW would put up the numbers or the fight they did against the Sooners. Isaiah Stanback showed me a poise that he didn't have last year, and Ty Willingham gained a little respect in my eyes.

Even with the loss, this game proved to me that there's no way the Huskies are going to have another 2-9 season like last year. It also showed me that those nuggets over in Pullman better be ready to throw down come November 18th.


Ryan on September 10, 2006 at 11:26 AM:

I echo your sentiments, Bernie. I think that things are looking up for the dawgs. Of course, I already love Tyrone, and I knew in my heart that this day would come, and pass on to better things. I think he is the right man to take this program back to where it should be.


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