2006 Washington Election Summary

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Posted on October 26, 2006 12:44 AM in Miscellaneous
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In the past I've found Ryan's election summaries and voting recommendations informative and intriguing, so I thought this year I'd summarize my votes.

Initiative Measure No. 920
"The state estate tax is dedicated to funding public schools (kindergarten through 12th grade) and higher education." Coming from a long line of teachers, I voted against repealing the estate tax.

Initiative Measure No. 933
Generally speaking, I agree that private property owners should be compensated if the government damages their property. The arguments against the measure don't hold a lot of water as far as I can tell, other than using "loophole" liberally throughout. I voted for the measure.

Initiative Measure No. 937
This one's pretty easy. "Require certain electric utilities with 25,000 or more customers to meet certain targets for energy conservation and use of renewable energy resources...or pay penalties." If you take a look at the people arguing against the measure, you see titles containing things like "Association of Washington Business," "Power and Light Company" and "Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington." If you look on the other side, you see "American Lung Association," "League of Women Voters," "American Cancer Society," etc.

House Joint Resolution 4223
Another no-brainer. This one aids small businesses at tax time, and as a co-founder of a small business and an occasional contract worker, I'm all for it.

United States Senator
While I liked some of the things I read from Bruce Guthrie (Libertarian), Robin Adair (Independent) and Aaron Dixon (Green), they seemed a little too predictable. Unfortunately for Mike McGavick I'm not frightened enough by terrorists and leaky borders to give him my vote. I like the things Maria Cantwell stands for (or claims to), so she got my vote.

United States Representative
More on terror and border leakiness from the Republican in this one. So we'll skip him. Jim McDermott seems reasonable, but he also seems old. He seems to stand for a lot of things that haven't seen a lot of progress in my opinion...so maybe he isn't quite doing the job. Linnea S. Noreen (Independent) gives a good argument against the incumbent and focused on education in her "plea." My vote went to her.


Ryan on October 30, 2006 at 11:28 PM:

I'm really glad you posted this, because it gives me a little bit of insight into how normal people (ie, not pundits) who think differently than I come to their voting decisions. And of course, I'm also glad because it helped me get a move on my own reccomendations. Thanks!

Now to comment on the content... you may think it is obvious how you voted on 937, but really, listing a few endorsements doesn't tell the whole story. I *think* you voted yes, but then its not explicit.

An example might make this more clear: If I said about a certain education initiative that "it is endorsed by the Washington Education Association so the choice is clear" that would mean to some, certainly, that the choice is clearly "yes." But in my opinion, the WEA is bad for schools, especially with the way they oppose school vouchers, one of my top issues. So them supporting an initiative is actually likely to make me NOT support said initiative. In this case I think I have you figured out, but you never know...


Bernie Zimmermann on October 31, 2006 at 8:45 PM:

Ryan, thanks for your comments on my voting decisions and reasons. This was actually the first time I've gone through the voters' pamphlet before making my decisions. The funny thing is, other than my pick of Linnea S. Noreen, all of my picks would have been the same if I hadn't read it. I didn't go through the pamphlet thoroughly, but enough to get a little more information on the issues than is available directly on the ballot itself.

I agree with you that endorsements probably don't tell the whole story. To be honest, reading through your recommendations helped me see things a bit differently. I don't know if they made me see things differently enough to change how I voted, but maybe. That's why I enjoy reading yours so much. I know you follow politics - or at least local politics - closer than I do, so hearing the insight and history on some of the politicians and issues is very enlightening.


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