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Posted on September 28, 2003 3:19 AM in Web Design
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As you can see I've yet again redesigned my personal website. If I had even a single dollar for every time I've gone back to the drawing board on this thing, I'd be making a living for sure. I am already liking the freshness of the new design, and the skins/themes seem pretty cool, too. The overall organization of things hasn't changed much, but the presentation has as well as the readability.

You'll notice that a few of the site's new features aren't quite implemented yet. I'm adding comment capabilities to all my entries, and finishing that up is simply a matter of migrating some PHP code over from my Coldplay site. I also need to finish up the contact form so I can get away from posting my email address online (I get enough spam as it is). Each blog entry from here on out will have an optional title included with it, though, as you can see from this entry. All older entries are simply untitled.

If anyone has any comments about the new design, please let me know (once the contact form is fully functional, of course). I hope to get to the remaining feature implementations soon (perhaps even before the weekend is over).

And, although completely off the subject, I have to add a few words about a movie I caught earlier today, "Lost in Translation." What a flick! Bill Murray is awesome in it, and both the direction and the storyline were, as the English might put it, "spot on." I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone who's looking for something to do or go see this weekend.

Over and out.


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