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Posted on January 13, 2007 2:54 PM in Computers
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I've gotta give props to Gateway. A little over a week ago our kitten, Puma, tipped over a glass of water on our computer desk. Enough water seeped its way into our laptop to fry the motherboard. I ended up chatting with one of Gateway's support guys online not too long after. He told me it was going to cost $299 to fix, since I opted out of any warranty beyond one year. I was expecting to pay more, so I said "okay."

Within two days, I had a box for shipping the laptop back to Gateway waiting on my doorstep. I followed their easy instructions, packaged it up, scheduled a pickup over at DHL, and within a couple hours it was back on its way out east. I got some emails along the way, filling me in on where I was at in the process. About two or three days after shipping the laptop back, the DHL guy showed up again, this time with a fully-functioning laptop in hand. I was pleased to find that, in addition to fixing the motherboard, they were able to maintain the contents of the hard drive, even though the guy I had chatted with had told me that might not be an option.

I just now checked my statement online and saw that they charged me $299 for the service. Not a cent more. That's why I'm giving props to Gateway. That is exactly how customer service should be.


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