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Posted on January 28, 2007 6:13 PM in Programming
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Over on del.icio.us today, I came across How To Get Hired, a short article offering advice to Computer Science students looking to get hired in programming positions.

The article gets off to a great start by pointing out that a lot of job candidates come to an interview ill-prepared for the types of basic programming tasks they'll be asked to accomplish. It then gets a little less interesting (and/or focused) in the "What Interviewers Look For" and then quickly degrades from there.

First off, the article could do a better job of pointing out that some of the tips provided apply to all software developer candidates, and not just students coming out of college. I've interviewed candidates who had plenty of previous job experience but still didn't quite live up to the expectations put forth by their resumé or who couldn't perform even the most basic of programming tasks.

Hopefully some day in the not-so-distant future I'll find a little time to write some similar tips on how to approach a programming interview. I've been through a few of them as an interviewee, and I've been through tons as an interviewer. When that time comes, I'll try to be a little more focused than Dan Kegel and really provide a resource for those who want to make a solid impression in a technical interview.

P.S. Hold me to it.


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